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Destiny is not enough.

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When Death Hangs in the Balance


Pontificating from armchairs across the country, the nation has watched as the parents of Jahi McMath fought to keep their daughter on life support and the husband of Marlise Muñoz fights to take her off life support. Our TV screens are filled with a slew of experts passionately defending each side of the argument. When does life start and end? What does it mean when the brain is dead but the heart is still beating?

In the Western world, nine out of ten deaths are due to aging. Then we know what to do. Granny doesn’t wake up one day and we mourn her passing but there is no debate as to whether or not she died.

It’s the other one out of ten cases when we have problems. When it was too young, too soon, too unexpected. It’s harder when medical science gives us the chance to hold on, to keep our precious daughter or to give the unborn child a chance to live. Then we have to create a definition of what it means to die. When medicine can give a body life almost indefinitely we are asked to choose when death comes.

Most of us are not ready to do that. We watch the drama unfold on our TV screens and we shake our heads and bemoan the fate of someone else. We don’t open the Scripture and our hearts. We don’t sift through medical journals and weigh up philosophical arguments. We let the questions go unanswered and hope we never have to decide.

But there’s a one in ten chance you’ll be the one whose death lies in the balance. If not you, then maybe a loved one. Perhaps, it’s worth dedicating at least the same amount of time you spent filling in your tax return, to understanding the nature of death.  Then, when the time comes and the doctor is waiting for a decision, you know what you want to do. After all it is only death and taxes that we can be sure to see eventually.

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Selfies: the great liberator?


Everything is a trend. Get enough people doing it and it’s the next big thing. Once something’s the big thing all the pundits need to jump on the bandwagon.

Take the selfie. Now even the President’s busy taking self-portraits. The internet is full of one arm wonders. There’s even a site dedicated to selfies taken at funerals. Before you could say ‘Instagram,’ all the pundits were bemoaning the fall of civilization collapsing under the weight of our collect narcissism.

The newest craze in the fashion world is plus sized models. Finally ‘real women’ are gracing the covers of magazines, or so we’re told. No sooner have we lauded the fashion industry for taking a brave move forward than the backlash begins. The so called ‘plus sized models’ can be anything from a size 12 upwards. Only in the fashion world is a 12 a plus size.

Now the most cutting edge trend is to trash the fashion industry for using not actually plus sized models, squeezing out the actually plus sized models from the market and causing the rest of us innocent bystanders to start thinking a 12 is really a plus size.

Maybe we’ve got it all wrong. Maybe the selfie is the answer to all our problems. If we get so used to seeing real pictures of real people, maybe we’ll just stop believing all the body image lies fed to us by the fashion industry.

The Curvy Girls plus sized lingerie store in San Jose was flooded with responses when they asked customers to post pictures of themselves in lingerie. Beautiful real women in all shapes and sizes.

Maybe the selfie is the savior of civilization after all.

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Selling ‘reality’ worts and all


Freedom of speech is enshrined in the US Constitution, unfortunately so is freedom of stupidity. The fuss over Phil from Duck Dynasty’s comments in his GQ interview illustrates this only too well as it follows all the standard lines, (His comments were offensive. …He has a right to free speech…. He was just stating his religious views… His religious views are outdated …….) I can’t help wondering if we brought this all on ourselves.

Any American has to right to hold true any crazed randomness that comes into their head. They have the right to share it with anyone they choose. The internet gives them the ability to share their personal brand of insanity far and wide. But the rest of us don’t have to listen. No one forces us to share, retweet or give the crazies more publicity.

Reality TV is the modern day version of traveling freak shows. Snookie, Phil and the rest of the reality TV ‘celebrities’ are the modern elephant man and bearded lady. Together with the voyeuristic appeal of reality TV, is this thrill of revulsion from watching characters we’d run from in real life.  Safe in our living rooms we can be titillated by lives so unlike our own.  We want our reality TV stars to be outlandish and outspoken. It adds to our enjoyment. But we don’t actually want them to be real. The thrill of revulsion is only safe if it stays within the script.

Phil stepped outside of his permitted script. Apparently he didn’t know that he was allowed to be ‘himself’ as long as he kept his less mainstream views private.  You could say he only has himself to blame. In truth, responsibility lies with the A&E network, the show’s 14 million views, and all of the rest of us following the debate online. We are the ones that gave a platform to one man’s personal views.

Next week the media will have moved onto a new scandal. No one will have changed their view on gay marriage. No one will have developed a more nuanced reading of the Bible. I doubt any non-believers soul will have been saved. But we will all have been entertained. At what prices comes our entertainment?