Life in the Palace

Destiny is not enough.

The Palace crew in haiku

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I go to a weekly writing workshop because it’s important to always be improving your craft. Last week we had to write a series of  14 haiku’s on the same topic, similar to the famous 14 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. I wrote 14 ways of looking at kids. Then when I finished first (gripping about parenting comes easy to me,) my friend dared me to write haiku’s about parenting in the voice of the Palace characters. I took it as a challenge.

Here are the results:

sethThumbI don’t do diapers

Babysitting was not my choice

Don’t tell the guys



chloeThumbPeanut butter kills

Racing, hoping to save her life

Please let it be okay


tal headshot

One day to be mine

As soon as college is done

It will be my turn to be a mom



spikeThumbBetter left alone

I’d rather be an aunt

Please be negative


Why are you posting? I expected Seth or Chloe.

I know, but this is the month the books came out. Seth and Chloe have been ‘busy.’

You’re too lazy to update your own blog?

No, look I’m posting now. Don’t worry next time we should be back to Seth and Chloe.

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