Life in the Palace

Destiny is not enough.

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To Call Your Name give away

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In honor of the Life in the Palace blog tour, I’m giving away 10 free e-book copies of the sequel, To Call Your Name.

The prize will be split, 5 copies over Facebook and 5 over Twitter.

To enter either comment on my Facebook page or retweet.

Winners will be selected by the incredibly scientific method of letting my husband pick names at random and will be notified via private message.



To Call Your Name Cover

To Call Your Name (Book 2 – The Palace Saga)


Chloe gave up Seth to save the world…and his soul. Now all she has to do to become one of the People is to complete a Quest she doesn’t understand, to find a mythical object she can’t see, in a realm she can’t access.

Seth left town to escape the ghosts of his past and the love he can’t forget. But the one thing that will set him free is the only thing he can’t bring himself to do.

To Call Your Name is the heart-stopping sequel to Life in the Palace.