Life in the Palace

Destiny is not enough.

About the Author

In high school, I was in the in-crowd. In college, I became religious. Talk about going from one end of the social spectrum to the other. My high school friends thought aliens had taken control of my body. I put up with the bemused looks and did what I felt I had to. Fast forward over a decade and they’re still waiting for me to grow out of it.

At the same time that I got sick of people thinking that being religious was synonymous with having a full frontal lobotomy (or voting Republican,) I noticed something was lacking in the books I was reading. The mainstream media has a fairly narrow depiction of religious people; (usually blowing up the plane, killing the abortion doctor or opposing gay marriage.) While faith based literature paints a picture so rosy, it’s hard to live up to. I was on a mission to show what life really looks like inside faith communities without sounding like a late night infomercial. (For a limited time only, this attractive steak knife set comes free with every order of Salvation.)

The Palace Saga is the result. The real scoop on what it means to live a life of faith, with no hard sell, all wrapped up in one snarky, sassy package (with a healthy side serving of romance).


Is that really you in the picture?

No, it’s totally not me. It’s a stock photo I thought looked nice enough to pretend to be me without actually being me.



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