Life in the Palace

Destiny is not enough.


As Chloe and Seth are normal people (or as normal as you can be as a fictional character), they have more than two friends each.

For a full illustrated run down on the main characters see the Meet the main players page.

Here’s a quick guide to who’s who in the Palace:

Chloe – Latina part-time goth
Spike- Chloe’s uber-goth best friend
Jen – Social organizer extraordinaire, Chloe’s friend
Tess – Chloe’s friend from college

Seth – the hottest man to ever walk the face of the earth, unfortunately for him
Josh – Seth’s brother, also not troubling to look at
Bret – Seth’s BFF, an obsessive surfer
Dwayne – Josh’s best friend and Seth’s first choice for campaign manager when he runs for office
Ethan – Seth and Josh’s cousin
Bernie – Seth’s friend and Charlie’s girlfriend
Charlie – Josh’s friend and Bernie’s boy friend

Tal – One of the People, Chloe’s study partner
Gal – Tal’s brother and leader of the T Team
Dava- Tal’s cousin and Dror’s sister, very good with a bow and arrow
Dror- Dava’s brother, wields a sword the size of someone else’s leg
Jov – Sci-fi geek, Footman and Noy’s brother
Cale – The other half of the Jov-Cale comedy tag team
Noy- Jov’s sister and Tal’s cousin, only member of the T team to have mastered the art of sarcasm
Yair- Footman Chloe met in camp, MA student

Jared – The willing third wheel to Chloe and Spike’s partnership
Benny- Jared’s boyfriend


This is more filler right?

Totally.  For the same reason as discussed here. But this is useful filler. At least as good as those maps they have at the beginning of the serious fantasy books.

Those maps are cool. Can you draw one?

I could. Or you could look up downtown Montreal on Google Maps. The Palace changes configuration depending on your own spiritual standing and so is unmappable.

Is ‘unmappable’ a real word?

The spell checker tells me not but I am above such petty rules (or too lazy to think up a better word.)

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