Life in the Palace

Destiny is not enough.

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Out Now – Sing a New Song: Jen’s Story

Sing a New Song_3D

No longer just a sidekick…finally Jen has her own book.

Spanning the time period between Life in the Palace and To Call Your Name, Sing a New Song follows Jen as she befriends Chloe, meets Sven and discovers that there is more to the Palace than they taught her in camp.

Discover how Jen got together with Sven, why Chloe and Spike traveled overnight to rescue Jen for her parents and what Seth really did with the Swedish figure skating team.



Hear the story in Jen’s own words…

On popularity…

“Anyone can be popular as long as they have friends that they don’t like.”

On her ethnic heritage….

“My parents aren’t that invested in our glorious heritage as celestial beings sent to earth to maintain the cosmic balance. They’re more the store-bought cheesecake and Chapel-once-a-year type.”

On meeting Sven for the first time….

“I looked up to see a guy with spikey, blond hair and black-rimmed glasses pull up the chair opposite me. …..It’s him, he who does not yet know that he will become my boyfriend! I tried not to look like I recognized him.”

On Seth and Chloe…

“She was holding Seth’s hand, their fingers intertwined. There was barely an inch between his black sleeveless shirt and the white chiffon of her gypsy top. Their eyes held each other. The almost polite distance that separated them didn’t lessen the electricity that crackled between them.

I stopped walking and watched them. That’s what they write songs about. They use it to sell anything from face cream to sports cars. It’s not sex. It’s the promise of a love so great that it colors your whole life. A love that will last through anything. A love that wouldn’t ever look at the secretary’s cute ass. A love that’s real.

…..They looked over but didn’t move away from each other. This was their polite, public behavior. My mind boggled at what happened when they were alone together.”

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Selfies: the great liberator?


Everything is a trend. Get enough people doing it and it’s the next big thing. Once something’s the big thing all the pundits need to jump on the bandwagon.

Take the selfie. Now even the President’s busy taking self-portraits. The internet is full of one arm wonders. There’s even a site dedicated to selfies taken at funerals. Before you could say ‘Instagram,’ all the pundits were bemoaning the fall of civilization collapsing under the weight of our collect narcissism.

The newest craze in the fashion world is plus sized models. Finally ‘real women’ are gracing the covers of magazines, or so we’re told. No sooner have we lauded the fashion industry for taking a brave move forward than the backlash begins. The so called ‘plus sized models’ can be anything from a size 12 upwards. Only in the fashion world is a 12 a plus size.

Now the most cutting edge trend is to trash the fashion industry for using not actually plus sized models, squeezing out the actually plus sized models from the market and causing the rest of us innocent bystanders to start thinking a 12 is really a plus size.

Maybe we’ve got it all wrong. Maybe the selfie is the answer to all our problems. If we get so used to seeing real pictures of real people, maybe we’ll just stop believing all the body image lies fed to us by the fashion industry.

The Curvy Girls plus sized lingerie store in San Jose was flooded with responses when they asked customers to post pictures of themselves in lingerie. Beautiful real women in all shapes and sizes.

Maybe the selfie is the savior of civilization after all.