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Bug Checking Tutorial – 1

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Hi guys,

This is the first in an occasional series giving pointers on bug checking. Today we’re going to be looking at onions. I’ll be demonstrating with a regular yellow onions but the method is the same for Spanish and red onions.

When buying your onions check that there are no green shoots growing out of the top on the onion, like this:


Also feel around the top of the onion to make sure you have a nice firm one like this:


When preparing to check the onion, first cut off the top part just as the main bulb of the onion begins, like this:


Next cut off the bottom of the onion (don’t worry if there are some roots on the onion) and remove the outer layers of brown skin. Then your onion will look like this:


Now cut the onion in half lengthways, and carefully remove the outer two layers of each half, like this:


Look inside the onion to see if there are any bugs. You are looking for small specks that might be moving. Hold the onion pieces up to the light for more through inspection.


Once you are sure that there are no bugs inside your onion sample, you can go ahead and cook with both the sample layers and the remaining onion.

If you want more information on onion infestation, here is a great link from The New England Vegetable Management Guide

Bon Appetit!